Lecture from Dr. Kathryn Emerson and Dhalang Ki Purbo Asmoro

When: 24 April 2023 at 15:00
Where: Institute for Ethnomusicology Seminar Room – Reiterkaserne 150
(MuWi Aktuell Kontakt: sarah.weiss@kug.ac.at)

Title: Purbo Asmoro’s Wayang Theatre for Contemporary Audiences:
Preserve the substance, transform the structure

Dr. Kathryn Emerson will present a lecture on innovations and developments in contemporary Central Javanese Shadow puppet performance (Wayang Kulit). Dr. Emerson has been studying creativity and change in wayang kulit for decades. In particular, she has been documenting changes in form and content (both subtle and stark) that have been imagined and enacted by the puppeteer Ki Purbo Asmoro. Together they will discuss these ideas, the rationale behind them, and their reception in Indonesia and abroad.

This event takes place in conjunction with a major public performance of a Central Javanese Wayang Kulit on 25 April 2023 in the Minoritensaal from 19:30.

Ki Purbo Asmoro – https://wepa.unima.org/en/purbo-asmoro/
Dr. Kathryn Emerson – https://ekalaya.org/wayang-with-translation/

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