Indonesian Embassy, Vienna-Austria

Indonesische Botschaft Wien/Österreich
Gustav Tschermakgasse 5-7
A-1180 Wien, Austria

Tel: +431- 47623-0
Fax: +431 479 0557

The website of the Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia provides you with important information about the country. For information  please visit the corresponding pages of our website, or contact the particular department, whose e-mail address you will find on the contact page of our website.

Austrian Embassy Jakarta-Indonesia

Österreichische Botschaft Jakarta/Indonesien
Jalan Diponegoro 44
Menteng, Jakarta Pusat 10310

T: +62 21 23554005
F: +62 21 31904881
E: jakarta-ob(at)

The Austrian Embassy Jakarta provides an initial point of contact for various enquiries and interests. Our website contains information on Austrian politics, its economy, culture and tourism. Under Practical Advice you find further information on consular services, travel and tourist information.

Federation of Austrian-Foreign Societies – PaN

Dachverband aller Österreichisch-Ausländischen Gesellschaften-PaN

Rathausstraße 14-16/4. Stock/Top407
A-1010 Wien

Since the end of World War II, numerous bilateral friendship societies have been formed in Austria that aim to create as strong a network of international understanding and cooperation as possible. The majority of international contacts take part at the people to people level and are no longer limited to the sphere of classic diplomacy. More than 100 such friendship societies are united under the umbrella of the “Federation of Austrian-Foreign Societies – PaN”, which acts as a “quiet diplomat” striving to foster friendship among nations and to contribute to the building of a peaceful society.

Indonesian Students Association in Austria

Perhimpunan Pelajar dan Pemuda Indonesia in Austria

PPIA adalah Perhimpunan Pelajar dan Pemuda Indonesia di Austria, yang menjadi salah satu komunitas bagi para pelajar dan pemuda Indonesia di Austria.